Why many college women are working as a 'sugar baby' to pay tuition

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With the cost of college tuition rising every other year, a lot of women are coming with new ways to finance their education, and it's not just tuition. You have to factor in room expenses, books, and self-sustenance for college life. To cover these costs, a lot of women are raking in hundreds every day as sugar babes.

How does this arrangement work?

Well, the arrangement is mutually beneficial; the sugar daddy (a wealthy man) is willing to offer financial support to a sugar baby (the beautiful young woman) in return for companionship and lovemaking. Notably, this is no prostitute kind of arrangement, why? Prostitution means sex for money, but this kind of arrangement involves companionship. One college student has been in this arrangement for two years. She says " there is no pressure in this arrangement, I don't consider it pay for play, You don't just come over here, we have sex, and you pay me 100 bucks, and you forget about me, that's not how it works". It's more like other relationship, where sex is not a requirement but an inspiration.

Sugar baby won't get a deposit before meeting the sugar day, nor will she get any cash as per date, no. The sugar daddy will pay the bills, take the baby to exotic travels and expensive dinners and shopping, and in return, the sugar baby appreciates him with words, affections, with gaze and most importantly with time.

Sugar baby is a lifestyle choice; it's not a profession. Which means unlike the call girl arrangement, a sugar baby selects who to date, when to date him. It's more a girlfriend- boyfriend's relationship. Some sugar babes' websites have claimed that these few of these arrangements have led to marriages, although these cases are rare.

What to expect

The average sugar daddy age is thirty-nine years, and a majority of them are entrepreneurs and CEOs of large companies, who can pay monthly bills amounting to as much as $ 5,000 in a month. If you are considering indulging yourself in this kind of arrangement, it important to understand that most of these successful men often opt sugar dating because they value efficiency and would not want to waste their time. So as a sugar baby you will need to be straightforward about your expectation and your needs. You are in college, so earlier on, address how often you will be available or willing to meets and what exactly you expect in return.

After months of dating the "normal way," some women being to get comfortable and they begin to put less effort in the way they behave or even dress. For the arrangement to last, a sugar baby should never slack off. You need to be a top notch companion, so be your best looking and most pleasant self all the time.

Discretion is the key to dating wealthy older and powerful man. It's not always the case, but it's always advisable that you assume that the sugar daddy does not want you discussing your relationship with someone else or posting photos of them on your social media account.

Sugar daddy-sugar baby relationship is an arrangement between two consenting adults and a better way of avoiding the stringent formality of traditional dating and cut to the chase; companionship. The arrangement is pretty sweet, and you get to meet some great people who may become an inspiration.

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